About our community

Oooooo what’s this? A super cool intersectional feminist zine? Wouldn’t you like to find out more?
Our zine is the sister publication of The Cheese Grater UCL Students’ Union’s award winning investigative and satirical magazine founded in 2004. The first zine was created in 2016 and we have been UCL’s premier feminist scrapbook ever since.
We aim to create a safe and non-judgemental space for all members of our community so that we can assemble the best work possible. We welcome anyone and everyone, old and new, and we are so grateful for any kind of work submitted. Fiction, non-fiction, serious, satire, poetry, art – we have room for everything here! 
If you’d like to find out more, pop into one of our meetings, Thursdays @ 6pm (room can be found on our insta @uclwomenswrongs) <3 
Do feel free to slide into the DMs whenever you please with any questions or pickup lines (of the feminist kind only, though, please).
You can also email us at zine@cheesegratermagazine.org with any queries, questions or submissions.

Contact us!

Co Zine Editor

Anna Maria Papaoikonomou


(I‘m going to send in my art and ask when the next meeting is!)

Co Zine Editor

Katherine Marlow


(wow this zine thing is really cool! i wanna write something!)


Zhenya Robinson


(to contact our supreme leader)

Welfare Officer

Vicky Haefliger Bueno


(master of wellbeing)

Online Editor

Hia Sadho


(oh no! the website’s broken! or just for a chat lol)

Graphics Editor

Tess Haddad Meerson


(I love to draw…or I don’t…but I have an idea for you!).

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