When I am unwell, it is comforting,

as If your soft caressing is awaiting me on my princess themed bed.

Hand placed on my face

fingers collided with my red cheek,

and that is the only moment I can say 

that I am fully rested.

Crawled in my red rose blanket

That you picked up when we went to that flea market, remember?

And I told you it was too heavy

for my little body to move when sweat was dripping on the back of my neck. 

You said I was being dramatic,

with kisses on my head,

and threw the fourth layer of bedding on me,

sinking me down

but I am not drowning.

I rub my nose on the cracked cold wall

As I start mesmerising the shapes my eyes create

pink, yellow and blue

You stroke my back with your long nails

They always had me wondering

how were they kept so clean?

When mine had to be cut every one week.

And I cry,

when I realise some years down the line

I will never feel so secure again.

By Anna Maria Papaoikonomou

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