Simply a Piece

“Why do you do these things”, 

You stare at me confused, 

“Because why shouldn’t I” 

I shout to the room,

You turn around fast, and I quickly change my tone, 

Before I softly say, “because life’s a game of chess, 

Didn’t you know?

In just so many ways,

I could explain it all, 

If we only had the days,

You are against whoever you like, 

Just about all the time,

But once you rid yourself of that illusion, 

The notion comes to mind,

That you’ve been playing your past selves, 

All along that time.”

You grab me and move me to the corner, 

“Do you really think you’re winning this game, 

When all you do is mourn her”

I stumble and stare,

“Oh, I have lost a lot of pieces”,

He wraps his hands around my neck,

Smug smirking at the constant delusions, 

“When’s the last time you made your own decisions?”

By Sophie Bettencourt

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