Confessions of a Pick-Me Girl

“Relax! It’s just another gathering with friends. Nothing to worry about.”

But what if there will be other girls?

What if there will be girls who are prettier and more likeable and who are actually into Formula 1 and say more interesting comments when playing CS:GO? 

The thing is I only hang out with boys. It is ME who understands them better and is truly part of the “gang”. 

I honestly wish I could find girlfriends I could click with, but they are so dramatic. Streaming Barbie, girls’ night-out in Heaven, pumpkin-spice lattes… doesn’t this all sound ordinary and basic? 

I guess I am just different, and boys truly accept me for who I am. 

Every girl credits my behaviour to “low self-esteem resulted from systemic patriarchy” or blames me for “badmouthing women”. 

But they just don’t understand that I am not like other girls. I have clear heroines to which I look up to, Viola in She’s the Man and Sam in The Cinderella Story probably would be on top of my list.

-> “I just don’t understand how girls spend hundreds on clothes and make-up. Or how they watch Gossip Girl for hours. It’s only girls talking about boring stuff. I would rather stay in and play CS:GO, like I said. My favourite gun is the MP7. I know… I am such a nerd.”

From my very childhood, I was different from other girls. 

Mud and trucks attracted me more than dolls and pink dresses. All my life I considered myself to be a tomboy and I guess I am just into nerdy stuff even though you can’t tell from my looks. 

-> “What is that green thing on your eye Mellisa? Oh, an eyeliner! I don’t even know what that is. I don’t wear make-up. I don’t even know what a skincare routine is. And look, I don’t have any spots on my face but I see you are trying to cover that acne with layers AND layers of foundation. I personally think it is so pathetic to wake up and spend hours each day doing make-up. I just woke up like this – all-natural. Oh, that nude colour on my lips? Uh… it’s natural…”

Girls are just too much drama. I had to wait hours for my girlfriends to get ready to go out. 

Seriously, how much time does it take to put on mascara?

 I don’t even know the difference between lipstick and lip gloss. Personally, I would just hang out with my guy friends and watch sports and place bets. I am a fan of football, basketball, fighting, tennis and all the other sports. This is going to sound weird, but I just love the taste of beer. I would rather have a pint of cold beer than exotic small cocktails. 

-> ‘James, could you grab me a beer? I am not into cocktails or wine like other girls are. I am so relieved we are watching a football match. It is much better than streaming Next on Fashion. Mellisa, do you know anything about football? And by the way, Zara and Urban Outfitters are not football team names.”

I don’t understand how women spend all their time on the phone. I am a girl with an actual hobby. 

Even though I am over 20 years old, I am still into tomboyish stuff. My body is so athletic. I find climbing trees so easy and relaxing.

I am not afraid of stepping in the dirt like other girls do. If I ever had to wear a dress, I would definitely put basketball shorts under it and wear sneakers. It is just something other girls wouldn’t get. 

-> “Can somebody help me get a mug? I am so short I can’t reach it. I stood on a chair and still couldn’t grab it. Can you believe I am that short? James, your T-shirt would fit me as a dress because I am that small. Sometimes I even have to go to the kids’ section to pick clothes. I wish I could be as curvy as Melissa… Even mittens are too big for me. My hands are soo tiny.”

Literally, all my friends are guys. I guess I am just different and boys create an atmosphere where I can be my true self. 

I hate when other girls invade our little friend circle with their drama because then… my goal becomes to disclose those girls for who they really are – basic and not one of us.

So go and watch your Barbie…but you’ll know where to find me 😉 

by Marija Jurgutytė

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