How to be a Better Ally: For pride month, let your girlfriend get a girlfriend.

It is pride month, and it is more important than ever to be inclusive, encouraging and accepting of those around us, especially the ones we are closest to. It is your responsibility as an ally/member of the LGBTQIA+ community, to encourage your girlfriend to be her true self.

So let’s dive into why, as an ally, you should be okay with you girlfriend kissing her female friends:

1. Historically speaking, women don’t tend to be lesbians, just really really really close friends or roommates, so you should be fine. They maybe will kiss and maybe start a pillow fight, all cool….

2. Perhaps  your girlfriend is just intimidated by your overt masculine presence. Letting her kiss her girlfriends will not only help her overcome her insecurities but also discover how inherently attracted she is to you.

3. Practice makes perfect: Remember, you are the ally, you are the CATCH! She probably just wants to get better at kissing to satisfy you hunk of a man.

4. It’s hot of you to be such an ally, your girlfriend will love you even more for it.

5. It’s even hotter to kiss your girlfriend now that you know her lips touched other girls’ lips. Akimbo lipsing goes crazy. 

6. After this experience of kissing sweet and soft lips, your girlfriend still prefers your masculine intensity and your measly beard stubble, so now you can say that you are hotter and more tempting than your girlfriend’s friends and even the sweet calls of lesbianism. SO BALLER.

If you want to be an even bigger ally and supporter, and you really want to help your girlfriend during pride month, you should demand to watch. This way you can be a visual supporter for your girlfriend and manifest yourself as an ally and a good guy. 

Maybe she will need reassurance or she wants you to join, as a comfort person.

And if she turns out to be a lesbian regardless, then there’s nothing you could have done anyway, and being such an encouraging ally makes you so much more of a better man, human and lover.

by Antonia Louisa Olivia

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