I love you more than words.

I used to only love words before you, 

And love words I will always do, 

But next to your colourful face, they look so bleak, 

In comparison to my feelings, they seem so weak.

Usually, I use words to express love at any instance, 

But for you, words don’t feel sufficient.

I hate them for never being able to quite convey, 

All the beautiful things about you I want to say, 

Frustration in my inability to articulate, 

I felt forced to find other ways of showing love, to compensate, 

The significance in this inability I had unfortunately missed, 

Until you wrote me this:

“I guess, I will just have to accept, 

I’ll never be able to express,

in words just how I feel,

The fun, however, is in trying”.

For you, my mind searches for words that don’t exist,

So instead of speaking, I will give you a kiss.

By Sophie Bettencourt

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